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For an experienced wills and estate planning attorney in Vancouver, WA, connect with Tresa G. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law today. I provide legal assistance for planning your estate in a thorough manner.

As an estate planning attorney, I work closely with each client to ensure we have accounted for the entirety of his or her estate. I am detail-oriented and work to organize and establish your estate in accordance with Washington state law.

My job also includes ensuring that your will is properly enforced to avoid costly litigation down the road. Therefore, I look for the pitfalls that often land families in probate court for lengthy and emotional proceedings. When you hire me as your wills attorney, you can be assured that your will is easy to understand, interpret, and execute.

Although I strive to ensure your will is executed as intended, that may not always be the case for others who are seeking to enforce the will of their loved ones. In these situations, legal conflicts arise and families are forced to go to probate court to determine how property should be divided.

These scenarios are common when someone has died without a will, but they also occur even when a will is in place. I represent families who believe the true intent of a will has not been carried out during these emotional proceedings. If you are ready to draft an effective will and need an estate planning attorney consultation, visit Tresa G. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law.

I can ensure your affairs are handled exactly as you want them!

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