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For a dedicated employment and family law attorney in Vancouver, WA, get in touch with Tresa G. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law. I specialize in helping victims of domestic violence and child abuse. I also help men and women who are fighting for custody of their children and those who are going through a divorce. I also assist with adoptions.

As a family law attorney, I understand that my clients seek help at their most vulnerable time. I therefore maintain focus on the larger picture and strive to resolve the case quickly, so that my clients can move forward with their lives.

I specialize in assisting clients who need help establishing child support from the mother or father of their children. I am well versed in Washington child support laws and can get the most child support that is appropriate in your case. I strive to get the full picture of both parents’ income, so that child support is calculated properly. This is especially useful when the other parent is concealing funds to avoid paying more in child support. I never settle for the easy answer, but I work until I have the right answer each and every time.

I also work closely with my clients who are undergoing a painful divorce. Whether the issues in your divorce are contested or not, you still need a quality divorce attorney to ensure your interests are protected at all stages of the divorce.

For clients who anticipate being unable to agree on issues such as child custody, property division, or alimony, I create a comprehensive litigation strategy that always includes mediation to limit your legal fees. If mediation is not effective in your case, I am always fully prepared to try your divorce case.

I am a highly experienced employment law attorney. I primarily assist clients who have faced unfair treatment in the workplace. Whether you have been wrongfully fired, denied proper wages, or discriminated against in the workplace, I can help you get the justice you deserve.

When you need an attorney who truly cares, turn to Tresa G. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law. I am here to help.