About | Tresa G. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law - Vancouver, WA

Tresa G. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law is a solo-practicing attorney, proudly representing clients in Vancouver, WA and its surrounding areas. I strive to provide legal services that are affordable and accessible to lower income clients who otherwise would not qualify for free legal aid services.

I understand that many people do not plan to need a lawyer, and therefore they do not have the savings necessary to retain a large law firm to represent them in their legal case. However, I guarantee that I provide high quality legal representation at a fraction of the cost of other firms.

I am passionate about providing legal services that are necessary in the lives of people who may not have anywhere to turn. I have therefore focused my practice on high-need areas that can benefit from attorney assistance.

My bankruptcy practice is designed to help people overcome devastating debt and get back on their feet. My wills and estates practice, on the other hand, serves to help people arrange their affairs to save their loved ones confusion, bitterness, and expensive costs later on.

Clients who come to me for employment matters have often been wronged by their employers and are otherwise left powerless in the face of big firm attorneys. Finally, I represent clients who are truly at their most vulnerable and emotional, as they face the loss of their marriage or even child custody.

My ability to provide low cost legal services in these areas is truly the culmination of my passion for the law and purpose in life. My rates are based on the moderate means sliding scale. I also offer bundle services and flat fee rates.

Legal problems can leave you exhausted, but you are not alone. Choose a compassionate attorney at Tresa G. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law.